Precast Concrete Panels Installation

Precast Concrete Panels Installation In Melbourne

A highly efficient construction method, precast concrete comes with a range of benefits. Used to build panels, columns and planks, precast concrete is produced off site in a controlled environment using reusable concrete moulds, beds, and form liners. Once formed, reinforcement and other required accessories are placed before the concrete is poured. Once the concrete is certified for lifting, it is transported to site. This process is followed by precast installation which is taken care by our highly experienced craftsmen. Precast concrete panels installation is an expert’s job because these panels are highly engineered construction pieces. For more than 30 years, BSL Group has been helping builders, architects, and infrastructure companies with high-quality pre-cast concrete panels installation.

But installation is just the tip of the iceberg, and a lot happens leading up to the D-day. Our clients in Melbourne trust our specialist team of riggers, welders, caulkers, patchers, and grouters for an end-to-end solution including planning, temporary bracing, logistics, installation, and post-installation care. Starting with design, our propping engineer and management team assess the project and resolve any potential issues, concerns or questions.

Once the design is finalized, they work alongside the precast detailer to create a temporary bracing plan which provides the main support for the precast elements, until they are tied into the structure and finally, safety requirements and logistics are taken care of. Cost-effective and efficient, keeping our processes in-house gives us control over our projects, allowing us to streamline workflow while taking headache out of the building process.

Coming from architectural, concrete and site management, we are equipped with the right tools and resources to build and install precast concrete panels that create a visual appeal that Melbourne designers strive for. Vouched by our partners for competitive pricing, professional and personalized service, and on-time delivery, BSL Group is the right place if you are planning panel installation. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Rigging Experts Australia

It takes more than just the best cranes, hoists, and lifting equipment to ensure the most professional installation for your construction project. Rigging involves moving and placing heavy materials, and the entire process needs to be customised to suit the needs of each construction site. It would help if you had a team of highly skilled specialists who can provide expert installation and rigging services, including deciding what equipment will be best for your requirement and the best procedures to execute lifting. Working with a specialist rigging contractor guarantees access to a vast range of machinery and professional service.

At BSL Group, we are proud to offer an extensive range of services, including rigging and tower crane crew. Catering to large commercial, civil, and industrial projects, we will be your one-stop solution, whether you need assistance with rigging and dogging, steel and panel erection, or transportation. Our highly qualified operators and riggers are fully licensed and use OH&S best practices on all jobs. Highly skilled and efficient, they pay attention to detail and maintain increased safety awareness on site.

BSL Group is one of Melbourne’s experts and highly sought-after rigging companies. We are proud to have a team of fully qualified riggers who are extensively trained, deliver on time, and are committed to quality craftsmanship. Our full range of rigging and crane solutions will seamlessly transport your team and materials across your site, putting the final touches on your precast panel erection and installation.

You can trust our team at BSL Group as your number one choice for rigging. Call our team today to discuss your needs.

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We Specialize In High Quality Precast Concrete Panels, Slabs & Concrete Walls

Having great collaborations with some of the best precast suppliers in Victoria enable us to provide you with a high-quality installation and post-installation service for all your precast concrete wall panels, columns, slabs & planks. Our team is specialized in the installation of Architectural precast panels including reckli / form-liner finish, brick snaps / tiles, exposed aggregate, hammer finish and more. No matter the size or complexity of the project, we can help you with all your needs.

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“The guys at BSL Group are really professional and really easy to deal with. The best part is they provide the full service and are really well managed so they made my life that much easier! Highly recommend!!!”

Trevor Gehrig – Project Manager

Precast Installation - Frequently Asked Questions

A lot goes before precast concrete can be installed. At BSL Group, our propping engineer and management team start with site assessment, issue identification and designing. Design finalization is followed with temporary bracing plan to hold on to the precast elements, planning logistics and safety requirements and finally transporting the elements to the site for installation. The installation process follows excavation, leveling of the ground and packing of the area, laying of the base material where the precast elements will be laid, compacting, elements’ placing, anchoring using pins or packing gravel, and finally, laying adhesive or adding capstones.

Precast concrete’s characteristics such as its ability to provide fire protection, resistance against pressure forces and electromagnetic fields, protection against explosions and weather makes it a safe material for construction projects.

In a precast construction, products manufactured in a pre-made cast or mold are cured offsite in a controlled environment and then, transported to the site for assembly but in a prefabrication process, the individual pre-made components of a structure are assembled offsite and the complete assemblies are transported to the construction site.

BSL Group service residential, commercial, mixed-use, civil and industrial clients across Melbourne and Greater Melbourne region.

We provide precast concrete panels installation solutions as per an individual project’s requirement and our own assessment of the site. The process follows planning, designing, temporary bracing, logistics management, installation, and post-installation care. We do not supply precast panels.


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