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Concrete like any other material needs maintenance and even though it has lasting properties that makes it a durable choice during construction, poor repair work or overlooking the issues completely can shorten its life span and cause safety hazards. The reason why builders, infrastructure companies and individual owners need reliable and experienced concrete patching and repair specialists to perform the job. Some of the common reasons behind concrete deterioration includes corrosion, cracks from structural load, water infiltration, plastic shrinkage, delamination, and others. Concrete Patching is a remedial process that helps restore concrete to its original condition for prolonged use. This process can be applied on to industrial concrete crack repairs cracked floors or driveways, sinking concrete slabs, uneven sidewalks, or crumbling concrete, including other ideas.

As experts in commercial concrete construction services, BSL’s trained professionals are well-versed with the tools and techniques required to complete a job. Our skilled workforce has substantial experience in dealing with concrete, so they always know what to expect when working on a concrete project. What’s more, our expertise in industrial concrete construction enables us to designed and customise our techniques for your unique requirements.

Restoration of concrete structures require identification of the problem source. Even before the concrete can be repaired, it is important to fix the cause so that it doesn’t become a recurring issue. BSL Group specializes in commercial concrete patching and repair and can assist you with comprehensive solutions to make sure that your concrete structure stays durable and safe for use. Our range of industrial concrete patching and repair services include concrete cancer repair, concrete resurfacing and protective coating, concrete expansion joint repairs and more. The concrete repair approach depends on the type of damage and the type of surface or structure we need to fix. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your concrete related issues and we will guide you through the most effective solution that fits your budget and requirements.

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With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have worked across residential, commercial, industrial, mixed-use, and civil projects with builders, architects, and leading infrastructure companies in Melbourne and Greater Melbourne. Not only are we equipped with the best machinery, but we also have a highly knowledgeable team who can take up any precast concrete installation and concrete remedial project. Our solutions are cost-effective with competitive pricing, and our work is of highest quality. When you collaborate with us, your satisfaction becomes our highest priority; we deliver your project on time and streamline the workflow to eliminate any stumbling block from the industrial and commercial concrete patching and repair experience. Check out our portfolio and testimonials to see what our clients say about us.

Concrete Patching and Repair Services

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Concrete Patching And Repair - Frequently Asked Questions

Even though concrete is a lasting material, with time, it can deteriorate or get damaged. Not only it is possible to patch damaged concrete but also highly recommended to prolong its life. The difficulty of executing patching depends on the project and the extent of deterioration. Minor repair work can be carried out easily but it’s always advisable to consult a professional to pan out a time-effective as well as cost effective solution.

Pin patches are stainless steel mechanical pins that provide support when patch repairing reinforced concrete. To make sure that concrete repair is done correctly, old material needs to be bonded with the new material. Usually, when the process is followed, the joint develops cracks due to expansion and contraction and over the period of time, these cracks widen. Mechanical pin patches are used to overcome this issue. These pins need to be sized for the amount of concrete being installed.

Yes, we provide comprehensive concrete patching solutions across commercial and residential projects. Some of our patching services include concrete cancer repair, concrete resurfacing and protective coating, concrete expansion joint repairs and more. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your requirements.

Yes, we have a team of expert patchers who can help repair the damaged concrete at home to make sure that it stays safe and durable. Get in touch with us to discuss your concrete related issues.

BSL Group service clients across residential, commercial, industrial, mixed-use, and civil sector in Melbourne and Greater Melbourne regions only.


Being a family founded business with an Architectural, Subcontracting & Site management background, this eBook outlines the 5 major shortfalls we have identified after generations of experience. These principals apply to all concrete works, from large superstructures to small remedial works – and applying them can save you exponentially!

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