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Concrete’s durability, strength, adaptability and low upkeep makes it a perfect material choice for both commercial and residential projects. Available in several colours and design finishes, concrete’s flexibility makes it the industry’s favourite. In any construction project, concrete’s placement determines a structure’s durability, and it requires trained professionals who can make sure that all the factors, be it technical or climatic, have been duly considered. This process involves a number of phases including transportation, pouring concrete into formwork or a mould, vibration, maturing, form removal and curing.

With three decades of experience and a combined expertise from concrete, architecture, and site management, BSL Group provides a skilful and knowledgeable team of professionals who can deliver high-quality outcomes for your concrete placement requirements. Our range of services include concrete soft cutting, joint sealing, curing, construction jointing, commercial concrete placements, concrete panel services, factory flooring and more. If you are looking for a reliable partner for concrete placement, get in touch with our friendly staff and we will offer solutions that best fit your needs and budget. We work with builders, architects, and leading infrastructure companies in Melbourne for their residential, commercial, mixed-use, industrial, and civil projects and our clients vouch for our quality, punctuality, and professional and personalized services.

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Leaders in everything concrete, our team at BSL Group are well-equipped to handle your shotcrete placement requirements. Servicing industrial, civil, commercial, and residential clients in Melbourne, we come with over three decades of experience, and you will be well-served to engage with professionals who give precedence to high-quality craftsmanship, timely delivery, competitive pricing, and client support. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your requirements.

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Unique problems need creative solutions. Working across multiple sectors on projects of different scales, our experienced team of specialists will come up with cost-effective answers and help you overcome all kinds of stumbling blocks.

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Organization is the key to smooth operations. We streamline building process for our clients to eliminate bottlenecks, deliver quality results, and improve their overall experience.

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Our partners’ background in architecture, concrete and site management provides BSL Group with a distinct perspective, competitive edge, and a better understanding of builder’s expectations.

Concrete Placement Service Upholding Australian Standards

For successful placement of concrete, the formwork should be rigid and watertight to avoid deformation or laitance leaking. The reinforcement too, should be positioned correctly and height of the concrete falls must be paid attention to along with the rate of concreting to avoid segregation. Our team at BSL use state-of-art machinery and techniques to ensure that these steps are taken care of. All our services are compliant by Australian standards, and our solution-agnostic approach helps us prioritize our clients’ experience to ensure that the process, from start to finish, remains hassle-free.

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So easy to deal with. Also asked questions and concepts that I wouldn’t have thought of. Definitely went over and above.

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Concrete Placement - Frequently Asked Questions

Concrete placing is a process of depositing, distributing and consolidating of freshly mixed concrete in an area where it is laid to harden.

Depending on the project, professionals can use different techniques for concrete placement. Some of the techniques include placing concrete through hand or power-operated buggies, drop bottom buckets, inclined chutes or shotcrete, side-dumb cars on a narrow-gage track or belt conveyers, bucket from swinging boom, or directly or indirectly by trucks. Grout-filling preplaced coarse aggregate is another method for concrete placement wherein grout is added to the aggregate through a pipe to replace water.

Once the concrete manufacturing is completed through mixing of measured parts, it is poured in a controlled environment to prevent segregation and finally placed for consolidation.

Be it normal-class, special-class, hardened concrete or plastic concrete, the specialists and companies must comply with the Australian manufacturing standard – AS 1379-2007 ‘Specification and Supply of Concrete’.


Being a family founded business with an Architectural, Subcontracting & Site management background, this eBook outlines the 5 major shortfalls we have identified after generations of experience. These principals apply to all concrete works, from large superstructures to small remedial works – and applying them can save you exponentially!

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