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A project’s cost factors different aspects, with caulking being one of them. While this process contributes the least to the overall expense, poor implementation of caulking can cause leaks and lead to heavy repair costs. Poor application techniques, worn out sealant and moulds are some of the reasons why one may consider fresh caulk application.

Caulk is a flexible, air and watertight sealant, used to fill gaps in walls, windows, floors, attic, basements, crawl spaces and other areas of a building. It helps prevent leaks, accumulation of debris and entry of water, insects, and air. Alternatively, it is also used to stop fire. The right caulking solution acts a waterproof barrier, offers pliancy, and lasts long.

BSL Group has been working as a professional caulking contractor for more than three decades and our experienced team bring extensive knowledge, skills, and techniques to provide specialized services in caulking. We assess your property, residential or commercial, and advice on an effective and long-term caulking solution. We are also well-versed with products for a variety of substrates and can recommend the same as per the requirement.

Our team of professional caulkers help remove and repair sealants in an existing structure or apply them afresh to a new property. We start by locating the source of the leak through thorough inspection followed by the removal of worn out and damaged caulk. We then treat the area to kill any remaining bacteria and once it’s dried, we apply polyurethane or acrylic for a clean finish. The choice of sealant is dependent on the area we work on – polyurethane is the best caulking material for exteriors while acrylic is best option for internal application.

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Unique problems need creative solutions. Working across multiple sectors on projects of different scales, our experienced team of specialists will come up with cost-effective answers and help you overcome all kinds of stumbling blocks.

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Organization is the key to smooth operations. We streamline building process for our clients to eliminate bottlenecks, deliver quality results, and improve their overall experience.

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Our partners’ background in architecture, concrete and site management provides BSL Group with a distinct perspective, competitive edge, and a better understanding of builder’s expectations.

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BSL Group has handled a range of concrete caulking projects across commercial, industrial, and residential sector in Australia. With a solution-driven approach, we focus on providing ideas to overcome challenges and work to eliminate stumbling blocks from the building process. Our clients vouch for our quick turnaround time, high-quality craftsmanship, value and punctuality. We are experienced to carry out caulking in different materials and areas – construction joins, pre-cast panels, masonry structures, concrete saw cuts, windows, door frames, firewall and more. If you are looking for a trusted caulking contractor in Melbourne for your commercial or residential project, give us a call at 0452 006 969. Our overall experience in caulking, expert team and extensive knowledge, made us a renowned Caulking Contractors Melbourne.

Effective Caulking Solutions for Residential Commercial or Civil Projects

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Concrete Caulking - Frequently Asked Questions

¼ inch is the limit for a single bead of caulk and if the gap is larger, one needs to fill the caulk into the gap, wait for it to get cured before putting a surface bead on it. But if the gap is quite large, using foam backer rod is recommended. In some cases, it is advised that for a gap larger than 1/8-inch, sanded caulk be applied in place of regular caulk.

Today, several concrete caulking options are available in the market for sealing. At BSL Group, we use polyurethane caulk for external purposes and acrylic caulk for internal purpose. Polyurethane is a strong adhesive and helps prevent the entry of air, debris and moisture into the cracks. Acrylic caulks are paintable and has weatherproofing properties. They are also comparatively economical than other sealants.

Caulking is used to seal leaks and can be applied at several places including doors and windows to reduce drafts, fixing cracks and filling gaps in concrete, stone and metal, small fissures in foundations and walls to prevent the entry of pests and rodents and to cover holes around pipes or electrical conduits. Caulk can also be used on moldings and baseboards, tiles, wallpapers, driveways, and damaged gutters including several other areas.

Caulking concrete helps the material in several ways. It prevents the entry of water under the slabs, avoid safety hazards due to shifting of slabs and helps stop the growth of weeds and grass between cracks and joints. If left unattended, weeds can lead to deterioration of concrete.

Expansion joints help concrete expand and contract without cracking the slab and to avoid water from entering, applying polyurethane caulk is recommended.


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