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Expert Structural Grouting Services for Long-Term Structural Reliability

The foundational integrity, longevity, and durability of your construction form the core of your building activity. Sound structural grouting can be used as a preventative measure to strengthen cavities or spaces within a column, beam, or foundation with a cementitious or epoxy material. BSL’s structural grouting services include dry packing, liquid grouting, and non-shrink structural grout. We offer high-quality service and a quick turnaround time. We ensure the best quality of grouting material and the most skilled operators to increase the load-bearing capacity of concrete structures like bridges, dams, and tunnels. This is especially useful for tall buildings and other structures that must sustain heavy loads. The idea is to fill voids and cracks to enhance the strength and stability of an architecture.

Structural grouting is a method for repairing or reinforcing structures by drilling holes and injecting a fluid grout material into the structure’s gaps or fissures to bond and strengthen the damaged areas. Conventionally, two types of structural grouting are preferred: high-strength cementitious grout and epoxy grout.

A cementitious grout is created by combining cement, water, and other additives. This helps produce a dense, resilient material that can withstand heavy loads and high pressures. An epoxy grout is a two-part material composed of a resin and a hardener. This type is often used in situations demanding high chemical resistance and minimal shrinkage.

Structural grouting can anchor steel or other structural components into concrete or masonry walls or foundations in construction. Additionally, it’s an ideal repair technique to resolve existing structural challenges. Apart from the type of grout used, the effectiveness of structural grouting also depends upon the installation’s quality and the existing structure’s condition. Structural grouting can also act as a repair technique to resolve extant structural issues.

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Specialized Structural Grouting Service For Domestic & Commercial Projects

BSL undertakes the appropriate designing, installation, and monitoring to ensure successful structural grouting across Australia. We continuously engage experienced and trained professionals with the equipment knowledge and process expertise to provide a successful outcome. We abide by Australia’s national and state structural grouting regulations. It’s a highly demanding activity, and we perform it following industry standards and best practices to ensure structural safety and integrity.

To increase the fire resistance of structures, we use particular types of grouting materials, thereby decreasing the risk of fire damage and enhancing overall safety. This goes a long way in extending the lifespan of Australian buildings and infrastructure. Efficient structural grouting ensures enhanced structural integrity. It helps stabilise and reinforce concrete and masonry structures to augment their overall strength and durability. This process can help extend the lifespan of Australian buildings and infrastructure.

The process also results in improved resistance to vibration and settling. This is because grouting can help distribute loads evenly throughout a structure, thereby minimising the possibility of cracking or settling due to vibrations or other external factors.

Non-Shrink Grouting

By now you must have acknowledged the structural benefits of grouting. If there are chances of the grouting material shrinking and changing in volume, non-shrink grouting can be your preferred option. This process uses a cementitious material, that does not shrink or reduce in volume once cooled. Non shrink grouting provides high-bonding and compressive strength, does not impact the reinforcements, and helps in efficient load transfer.

Post Tension Grouting

Structural grouting forms the core of a structure’s durability. However, it is important to revisit your grouting to ensure that it justifies its robust credentials. This is done through post tension grouting (PT grouting), which enhances the bond between the grout and the soil around it.

Since the initial grouting is already done, a hollow tube with the grout is injected to rupture the grout cover and flow into the nearby area, making the grout stronger. The advantage of this method is that it lowers the disruptions caused to the original grout while providing additional strength.

Structural grouting has emerged as a sure-shot solution to architectural robustness and a long-term commitment to fundamental integrity. Moreover, it’s a more cost-effective technique than other repair methods, such as replacement or reinforcement! Call us now to learn more about structural grouting and how BSL can be your partner to ensure construction strength, durability, and endurance.


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