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Structural Steel Fabrication is a complex process that involves several stages. It begins with producing structural steel products, followed by cutting, bending, and welding during production. Steel parts are combined to form new or different structures, with size and shape pre-defined in steel-making. The fabrication process also includes shearing, using high-quality steel in cutters and water jets. All of this is done in a closed production facility equipped with cold saws, band saws, and incineration. The cutting of the steel is limited to various structural steel parts, and cutting quality is emphasised for feasibility and economy.

At BSL Group, we pride ourselves on three guiding principles: productivity, safety, and integrity. With over 30 years of experience, we have maintained top-notch quality and consistent customer satisfaction. Our employees adhere to the latest rules, regulations, and safety protocols for all your fabrication needs across Melbourne. We are excited to introduce a new service: Structural Steel Fabrication in Melbourne.

BSL Group is committed to providing reliable Structural Steel Fabrication services backed by strong management and a dedicated team. We prioritise environmental care, safety, and material quality. Our Melbourne team ensures adherence to all procedural protocols involved in Structural Steel Fabrication, following Australian standards to meet the high demands of construction and site management.

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We ensure strong management, training, experience, and excellent communication to maintain optimal productivity. Keeping our crew motivated during challenging times, we provide that work efficiency does not come at the cost of personal well-being.

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We take environmental health and safety very seriously, as our profession involves high risk. Nothing but the best protective gear is provided to our crew, with regular safety training and on-site drills. Not only is this beneficial for us but also for all those who work on-site.

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Through our induction and training processes, we instil high levels of integrity in all our crane crew and crane riggers. An organisation is as good as the people who drive it, and employee integrity goes a long way in ensuring customer confidence and brand loyalty.

Structural Steel Installation

Structural Steel Installation is a critical step that involves ensuring safe, stable foundations, lifting and placing sections into position, alignment, and bolting everything into place. Our skilled professionals guarantee quick turnaround times and ensure all work is completed to the highest standard.
To optimise efficiency and safety, we have implemented a strategic approach to the steelwork assembly before erection, aiming to reduce the number and complexity of connections. This includes installing edge protection at ground level before lifting steel members, eliminating the need for working at height and implementing early control measures.

Additionally, fabrication experts at BSL Group ensure early installation of stairs and handrails for safe access to elevated areas. Complementing these measures, safe systems of work, training, emergency procedures, and well-maintained equipment are vital.

Structural steel is a versatile material with many applications in construction, including bridges, parking spaces, residential buildings, high-rise buildings, and industrial buildings. It is also widely used in manufacturing, known as carbon steel or unalloyed machine steel. Its properties, like hardenability and carbon content, make it ideal for the automotive and machine-building industries.

Why Choose BSL Group for Structural Steel Fabrication in Melbourne

With 30 years of industry experience, BSL Group has the resources and skills to complete any fabrication and welding project. We offer personalised services tailored to each project’s requirements, providing design ideas and recommendations, cutting and drilling pieces for assembly, disassembling for transportation, and erecting structures on-site.

Our track record of reliability and superior service makes BSL Group the first choice for any project, adding maximum value to your dream project. Our Structural Steel Fabrication service is available across Melbourne. We choose materials based on project requirements, considering strength, corrosion, and fire resistance. We rely on the guidance of professionals for suitable material selection.

Our workforce is the most critical asset we boast of. We are updated with relevant training programs to enhance knowledge of steelwork safety practices. It is a rule of thumb to conduct regular safety briefings for the team. We have trained workers on safe lifting techniques to prevent injuries during handling operations. To ensure emergency preparedness, we have developed emergency response plans for potential hazards like falls, fires, or electrical incidents that may occur during steelwork.

BSL Group follows design specifications and industry standards during installation. We utilise appropriate tools, fasteners, and personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, helmets, goggles, and harnesses. We handle and store steel components with the utmost care, using suitable lifting equipment and storing them in dry, stable areas away from heat, moisture and chemicals.

Regular maintenance and inspection are the cornerstones of a construction’s structural integrity and longevity. BSL Group assures periodic inspection of steel structures for damage or wear and follows maintenance guidelines provided by manufacturers to ensure structural integrity. BSL Group conducts thorough risk assessments before commencing any steel installation project to identify potential hazards and implement appropriate control measures.

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