Riggers In Construction – Know about Riggers

Riggers In Construction – Know about Riggers

Riggers In Construction – Know about Riggers

Rigging is an essential part of any construction project, and we often get questions on what it entails. In this blog, we will help you understand rigging and what rigging experts and rigging contractors do so that you can make the best choice for your needs.

Most construction sites use rigging to move and place materials, and the rigging process is customised depending on the site’s needs and job specifications.

Rigging can be a complex operation, and there are many different factors that a rigger needs to consider when moving a load. Because rigging involves lifting and moving heavy objects, it is always best to enlist the assistance of an experienced rigging professional to avoid incidents on site.

When it comes to construction rigging, you can trust BSL Group in Australia.

As expert rigging contractors, we will provide you access to a vast range of machinery and professional service.

We cater to large commercial, civil, and industrial projects and will be your one-stop solution, whether you need assistance with rigging and dogging, steel and panel erection, or transportation. We know what equipment needs to be used and the best procedures for safely and efficiently executing a lift.

Our highly qualified operators and riggers are fully licensed and use OH&S best practices on all jobs. They pay attention to detail and maintain increased safety awareness on site.

What is construction rigging?

Let’s dive in and learn more about rigging, what it involves, and how it can benefit you on your next project.

Rigging in construction can mean two different things.

The term rigging can refer to the ‘act’ of setting up equipment and materials to be lifted, and one can also use it to define the apparatus by ‘which’ something is lifted.

Making the best decision for your job site and accomplishing a lifting operation effectively requires a solid understanding of what is included in rigging in construction.

What is a riggers in construction?

Often, the equipment used for rigging on a construction requires certifications to operate; hence, a professional is needed to complete the lift or provide guidance on determining the right kind of equipment for the job.

Riggers in construction are professionals responsible for securing a load to lift, pull, hoist or move in general. They ensure that the right equipment and hardware and the correct methods are used for a lift, and the equipment used is adequately operated by a qualified individual only.

Other functions that a rigger performs on a construction site include signalling equipment operators on site and repairing, inspecting, and certifying rigging equipment and other lifting apparatus.

Crane Rigger

Crane Rigger

If your company is getting ready to take on a major construction project, there’s a strong chance that you might need to bring in at least one crane to your worksite to get the job done.

An indispensable tool in construction, cranes can help you tackle large-scale projects as they can lift extremely heavy objects and move them around from one place to another, which would otherwise be impossible.

Outside of getting a crane onto your worksite, though, you also need to have a good understanding of what crane rigging is and how it can help you. Crane rigging refers to the process that you’ll need to go through to prepare your crane equipment for a lift and then execute your lift according to plan.

A rigging professional will guide you in deciding the right angles for lifting and choosing the equipment to connect your load to the crane.

The angles used to pick up a heavy load and move it around are of major significance, and if they are slightly off, it can lead to fatal consequences on the site, the reason why you need a specialist rigging service provider to plan lifting, equipment preparation, and execution.

Rigging Foreman

Rigging Foreman

Rigging can be a complicated task, and there are many variables to consider when setting up a rigging or hoisting operation. A construction rigging professional will be well-versed with ways to rig a load to be lifted and will have an understanding of the types of rigging equipment that best suit your needs.

Having a professional at the job allows avoiding accidents and incidents on a construction site. They will know the correct procedures for inspecting equipment, planning lift operations, attaining required permits, managing risks, and operating all machinery.

Rigging Experts Australia

With extensive experience planning, preparing, and executing lifts throughout Greater Melbourne and surrounding areas, our team always delivers safe and efficient rigging services on time, every time.

Our full range of rigging and crane solutions can transport your materials and team across a site efficiently and safely. Prioritising satisfaction and quality output, our highly vetted and highly skilled rigging contractors will work to eliminate the bottlenecks out of the building process, ensuring a hassle-free workflow.

With 30 years of experience, our partners’ background in architecture, concrete and site management provides BSL Group with a distinct perspective, competitive edge, and a better understanding of builders’ expectations.

Working across multiple sectors on projects of different scales, our experienced team of specialists will come up with cost-effective answers and help you overcome all kinds of stumbling blocks while ensuring quality results and an enhanced experience.

At BSL Group Melbourne, we aim to be known for –

  • high-quality work & solutions
  • good reputation & positive customer experience
  • providing a full-service, hassle-free experience

​​Our vision is to be the benchmark in the industry – both as a service provider and a model for ethical business.

Our focus is to provide an exceptional service to our clients and establish great collaborations & relationships along the way. We strive to break the mold of the typical construction contractor’s mentality and become our clients’ first choice for all their rigging needs in Melbourne.

Contact BSL Group today to help you with all your rigging needs and supply you with expert riggers across Melbourne CBD, Greater Melbourne and surrounds.

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