Concrete Repair – Top 10 Concrete Repair Tips – BSL Group

Concrete Repair – Top 10 Concrete Repair Tips – BSL Group

Concrete Repair – Top 10 Concrete Repair Tips – BSL Group

Concrete deterioration can result from hairline fractures due to wear and tear, seepage, soil settlement issues or improper removal of concrete floors and subfloors due to inexperience in concrete repair. The thumb rule is to patch and seal wide cracks with a patching compound and fix small cracks using concrete caulk or liquid filler. But to determine the best approach, one needs to identify the core reason of the damage and the extent to which it has occurred. Follow along as we share the best concrete repair tips to make your concrete last for a long time. We have also highlighted the tips for professionals to make the most of their concrete repair services:

DIY or Professional’s Help

This question has always been a topic of discussion and the best answer is to ‘better be safe than sorry’. Contacting a concrete repair specialist to assess if the cracks require availing concrete repair services from a company or can be done on one’s own will help overcome issues that might become big in the future because they were left unattended during the first repair due to lack of consultation. When not done correctly, concrete can impact the structural integrity and can also affect how the property is valued in the market. So, when you encounter a crack, be it small or big, get in touch with a professional to define the right course of action.

Issue Identification

Concrete issues are not always visibly apparent. To determine the best repair approach for concrete, one needs to first establish if there is a movement of crack in the affected areas. Professionals conduct a thorough inspection to document all the problem areas including position and length and width of cracks to check if there has been a movement over a period of time. Crack movement is indicative of more serious issues and depending on the findings, one can determine if the concrete needs minor repairing or a specialist’s help. There is no one-size-fit-all approach to concrete repair and therefore, inspection is needed to find out the right solution.

Debris Removal

Debris removal and surface preparation are critical to concrete repair and the material’s shelf life. There are several methods available to remove debris. Individuals can use a wide brush or a pressure washer tool but in the case of the latter, the water needs to be removed using a wet or dry shop vacuum or a brush. Repair specialists too have a range of techniques available, some of which includes acid etching, grinding, detergent scrubbing, scarifying, high pressure water blast and others.

Measure Components Through A Scale

The standard recommendation is to use all the materials available for mixing. But in reality, the usage of materials varies as per the project’s requirements. The best way to accurately determine the amount of material required is to pre-weigh the components on a scale. This is especially useful in the case of coating products such as epoxy.

Proportionate Mixing To Avoid Cracks

Concrete is a mixture of sand, aggregate and water wherein aggregate is made of grit, crushed stones, reprocessed material and other artificial materials. The consistency and proportionate mixing of these three components is essential to the quality of concrete. Professionals have the experience of handling a range of requirements in the industry and are well-versed with the process to achieve the accurate consistency whereas it can fluctuate when done by an individual. One can also mix additives to concrete before it’s poured to minimize its chances of cracking, right at the outset.

Time Your Process

When the repair work is conducted on-site where climate cannot be controlled, the process must be timed to maximize efficiency and output’s quality. For instance, mornings are the best time to start preparation while evenings should be opted to start coating so that vapor transmission can be reduced. Placing polyurethanes or epoxies for grouting must also be done during the evening and if possible, air-conditioning systems should be used for a two to three days before coating.


Although a time-consuming process, mock-ups can help eliminate future conflicts and provide quality assurance. Providing mock-ups before starting the project helps gauge how repair will look like, especially when a concrete repairs service provider is planning to use a new material.


For a concrete repair company, it is essential to ensure that their team is operating with safety. Some of the recommended safety measures include wearing PPE or wearing long sleeves, long pants, rubber gloves and safety glasses with side shields. The company must also train their team on the right ways of removing protective materials to avoid exposure or contamination. These recommendations also apply to individuals who prefer to perform the repair work on their own.

Visual Documentation

As a concrete repair company, it is important that you document your work. Visual documentation is useful in a lot of ways; it helps in recording the issues and affected areas during site assessment, acts as a reference point in case there are changes in instructions, works as a case study for future employees, assists in investigation in case of mishappenings and provides content for promotion once the project has been completed.

Store Material For Later Use

Re-using material is not just cost-effective but also sustainable. While this doesn’t apply for all materials as the shelf life varies for each of them, coating products such as epoxies and polyurethanes can be reused.

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