Concrete Cancer

Concrete Cancer

Concrete Cancer

What is concrete cancer and how can you avoid or treat it?

This is a term that many may not be aware of and the implications it can cause! But just what exactly is concrete cancer? In this blog we are going to explain everything you need to know!

Concrete cancer is a serious issue that can affect the structural integrity of a building which can quickly worsen to become dangerous and can lead to buildings being condemned. 

Concrete cancer is the breakdown of concrete, which can be caused by a number of factors, including water damage, chemical exposure, and physical impact. If left untreated, can grow at 500% per annum. Concrete cancer can cause serious damage to a building, which can be very expensive to repair. 

As steel corrodes, it expands. This expansion puts pressure on the surrounding concrete, causing it to crack and become brittle.

As concrete cracks and crumbles, it accelerates the corrosion of the steel reinforcement inside of it. This can cause serious damage to buildings and other structures. 

Look out for signs of corrosion, such as rust stains, bubbling render, or leaks in overhead concrete. 

The first sign of it may be small cracks or spalling in the concrete, which could indicate further problems with leaked water and other chemicals from within the material like rust stains and leaking outwards towards wherever you least expect them, bubbling (or plating) at spots where there should otherwise just be smooth texture, this becomes more visibly displeasing if it’s near an edge, on a exposed soffit or facade speedy deterioration will be the case in these exposed instances!

What about leaks? These aren’t always easy to spot because they’re usually hidden by grout lines before anything else happens. 

If you see these signs, it is important to take action to repair the damage before it gets worse. Taking action early is crucial!

Concrete cancer repair cost in Melbourne

We know it is tempting to perform a DIY concrete cancer repair, and there are many ‘how to fix concrete cancer DIY’ videos circulating out there, the problem is, these DIY solutions can be dangerous, as there is no way of testing the integrity of the work carried out in a DIY project.

At BSL Group our team of experts will identify what needs fixing and will give you the best solution for repairing the issue with varying costs associated. 

Our team will assess what materials need to be used or other factors unique to each situation, all while maintaining top quality workmanship that will last decades longer than traditional methods do nowadays.

The longer you wait to address concrete problems, the costlier it will become.

At BSL Group our expert team has proven that they are the industry leaders, and lead the market as a reliable and efficient way for solving your concrete cancer issues before they worsen.

We understand that the cost of repairs can be a major concern, and we offer competitive rates that are based on the size and scope of the work required. Contact us today to learn more about our concrete cancer repair services.

Concrete cancer repair by BSL Group

BSL Group is here to help you maintain the strength and versatility of your reinforced concrete so it can last for years without worry. 

If water or other materials have found its way into one or more weak points, BSL Group Melbourne will use their professional knowledge in repairing these issues quickly while ensuring that all repairs are safe and up to Australian standards.

At BSL Group Melbourne we use our professional knowledge of the material’s strengths, as well as its weaknesses.

Always check with a professional team such as BSL group prior to installation as your first preference before engaging with builders who may cut costs during the construction phase – without thinking ahead about what would happen when circumstances changed later down the road. It is important to look at the long-term solution rather than a ‘quick fix’ to avoid future costs and safety issues.

BSL Group is a Melbourne based company that specialises in concrete cancer repair. We have a team of experienced and qualified professionals who are able to assess the extent of the damage and provide a range of options for repair. 

To learn more about how BSL Group can assist you, contact our expert team today.

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